So Quickly was originally written after seeing roadkill on the drive to work one day. It’s about how fleeting life can be, how we protect and cover ourselves from really being seen, and what and who we leave behind. In our live set we pair this song with insect visuals like bees swarming a hive, a praying mantis eating something, a butterfly hatching from a cocoon. These are creatures with short lives, filled with energy and violence. In the scope of the universe our own human lives don’t last much longer than insects. So what and who do we choose to focus on while we are here? How will you be remembered?

By complete happenstance, Shawn Magill and Joey Noga met at a Cashmere Cat concert in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX). They instantly connected over their obsession with sexy, synth heavy electro pop and formed a new band, Secrecies. Together, their multi-layered chilling harmonies unite over playful pulses, evoking the heartaches and joys of passing youth. They have performed with Alice Merton, Handsome Ghost, Armors, Swimming With Bears, Wilsen, Geneva Jacuzzi, Bad Bad Hats, Night Drive, Nite Jewel and more. 

From the longing of synthetic fulfillment comes the self-titled debut album from American synth duo - out June 7th, 2019 on Idol Records. Find warmth in sweet bouncy melodies, as they frame a revolt from the digital dots that connect modern society. Stacked layers of brilliant vocals descend into a gritty bed of rock sentiment, leaving you wanting more. Their sound has drawn comparisons to St Etienne, Sylvan Esso, Purity Ring, STRFKR, Glass Candy, Ladytron, Beach House, XX and even Blondie’s more disco-leaning material.

Info/Booking: Joey Noga secreciesmusic@gmail.com